When you need the right words

For over 15 years I’ve written and edited books and articles for print and online consumer and trade publications as well as marketing materials for corporations and nonprofit organizations. I can quickly familiarize myself with complex subjects, and I adapt my tone to suit any client or audience, whether this be technical language for specialized professionals, a chatty, conversational style for the general reader, or text that’s optimized to be at the top of search-engine rankings.

My name or yours?

As a ghostwriter, I’ll collaborate with you, handling all the research and capturing your voice so your book or article sounds like what you would have written yourself if you’d had the time or expertise. And I stay hidden behind the scenes so you get the byline, the attention, and all the credit.

When you have your own words but need some help

Do you know what you want to say but not how to say it? I provide the following editorial services: Developmental editing: I’ll work with you to determine the overall direction of your project, rework the tone, rearrange sections so they flow better, and suggest what needs to be added or cut. Line editing: As the term describes, I’ll go line by line to clear up inconsistencies, vary sentence structure, and improve readability. Copyediting: Don’t know much about grammar or punctuation? Never fear. I’ll make sure your project is grammatically correct and perfectly punctuated. I invite you to check out samples of my work in books and print/online publications and contact me so we can discuss your project and needs.